Just had surgery on foot otherwise I felt like dancing. Beautiful as always! Maryann
Wonderful to listen to. Well presented. Musicianship excellent. Attilla is a great front person to lead act! Christine
Fantastic, please get these guys back soon!
BRAVO!!! Amazing performance. Aigul
Great performance, beautiful music. We really enjoyed it. Thank you!
Simply great. World class sound. Fran and Kevin
Very wonderful, enjoyable, professional. World class talent.
A very lively programme, thank you for coming.Thank you.
Interesting dancers – very entertaining. Marvellous pianist and of course ATTILLA is awesome. Rod
Excellent! More of Brisbane’s office workers should be informed so they can attend – maybe via the video displays in office tower lifts? eg DEXUS property managers. Isabella from Warsaw – Poland
Very, very nice. Revelation violinist – very talented.
Great variety, most enjoyable entertainment. Colourful and very professional. Pam Splitek
We stumbled upon this superb concert and venue on a short visit from Adelaide. We had never heard of Attilla Sautov and his Rock Fusion band but will certainly not forget his name now. Many thanks for such a fabulous and free concert. PS. We hope Attilla visits Adelaide to perform one day
Anna Butterworth was talented +++ and beautiful. B Jones
Brilliant! Gifted artist and ensemble. Eva
Really liked the performance. Carol Singh
Thank you for the concert! Well done! Olesya Kharina
Well done! Very touching! Thank you very much! We really liked your choice of program. Rita Durez-Suomalainen
AMAZING, High Energy, So much talent. THANK YOU THANK YOU. What a wide variety of music. I cannot thank you enough. Marj Cross
Thank you so much. FANTASTIC! I especially loved “Fields of Gold” and the Jewish one (I won’t try to spell the name) – but it was all wonderful. I can’t wait to hear more (and bring my husband with me next time). Jean & Bob Ellis
Fantastic concert – book them again please. J Hay
Excellent! Love the variety of the performance. Please come back again soon. THE BEST! PS Like to buy CD. Martin Finbow
SUPERB Bill Ovenden
Wonderful concert – in a class of its own. Most beautiful music coming from Attilla’s violin. What a great rock orchestra – great mood – brought tears to the eyes and shivers up the spine. John Keyes
Excellent concert. Good choice of music score, well played and present. Loved the dancers and vocalist. Best of luck for the future. Margaret Byles
Just wonderful. A1. Michelle Stanlovich
Brilliant! Brilliant! Brought tears to my eyes. Loved it! Barb McHale
Excellent. Diane Gage
Wonderful as usual. Eleni Manakis
GREAT GREAT! Couldn’t fault. Exhilarating! Most enjoyable. M Fawssett
An enjoyable hour of entertainment. Thank you so much. The girls dancing with the scarves was a nice touch. Also I felt the drums too loud in some pieces. You are a wonderful talented group. THANK YOU. Phyllis Pitcher
Amazing talent – wonderful concert from all participants. Keep the concerts coming. Congratulations to ALL. Thank you BCC. Lesley Cane
You are a genius – loved every moment of your show! All the musicians were spectacular, as were all the performers. This will stay in my mind always. Can’t wait for your CD. David Blake
Great concert – loved the balance of the program. You need a bigger stage!! Do you run workshops for young people? We have a 15 yo granddaughter – a talented violinist – would like to consider treating her to a workshop with you. Julia
Wonderful Concert ++++ Mario Spaninks
AMAZING! GREAT! Sarina Koppe
Absolutely wonderful performance. Please invite these special musicians back! Irena James
Loved all the performance!! And especially the rock!! Pauline Robins
I enjoy music but I came today because I especially enjoy Attilla and his very talented fellow musicians. All performances full of energy. A fantastic combination of sounds and musical notes. Anna’s voice rich and beautiful. Thank you. Rodney Missen
Very good concert. Plenty of variety. Enjoyed it immensely. Come back!
Wonderful concert. Please come back. B Lotan
Loved Anna (soprano) – should be more of her. Violin was like dessert after a wonderful meal. Marina Gridley
The concert was the best in a long time. Thank you. Hope will be back again. Will not miss it. Ana Martinez
Great concert! This is the best concert I have heard. I enjoyed it so much. Wonderful music, the musicians are just fantastic. Hopefully we can have them again. Debbie Larkin
The show was absolutely fabulous. By the response from the crowd everyone felt the same way. I can’t wait to see the full show at Rothwell on 7/11. Congratulations, great show! Mrs Betty Hood
FABULOUS… As always! Jan Taylor
I thoroughly enjoyed your group’s concert at the Brisbane City Hall. You all appear to “live” the music you play with HEART. CONGRATULATIONS ALL OF YOU. Raymond Biggs
What an enjoyable concert. The best by far of the Lord Mayor’s concerts in 2015. The standing ovation you received at the conclusion of your performance (from a usually subdued audience) is evident of how much everyone enjoyed it. Very talented ensemble. We are new to Clontarf but prior to the concert today have heard a lot of good comments from locals who have experienced your wonderful concerts. We now look forward to attending your upcoming concerts. Pat Davies, Desleigh De Salro, Sandra Smith + more
On behalf of my 6 friends we would like to recommend Attilla Sautov with his Symphonic Rock Ensemble that they appear again at the Tuesday concert. The band was excellent and received a standing ovation from the audience, something one does not see happen too often. Tope?
Wonderful concert! We particularly liked Hava Nagila! The dancers did a good job. In the beginning it was a bit loud and dramatic, but we had a very enjoyable time. THANK YOU!
Very good performance. A few little electrical problems but this didn’t deter the performance of the performers. Attilla was excellent. S Callaghan
We really enjoyed your performance 🙂 You handled your frustration with sound problems in a funny and energetic way. Everyone in the audience had a good time and we think a lot of them will come back to see you and your wonderful team. Really liked the fusion of rock and classical music. Yvonne & David
Absolutely great – but can we please hear more from the mezzo! Iqbal Khan
Beautiful concert, talented performers, highly entertaining, charming group, delightful experience. Thank you. We shall see you again somewhere, sometimer. With Love – Iqbal & Judi Kaylene Whiting
BRILLIANT – Thoroughly enjoyed every part. All very talented artists. Jacqui Valkhoff
Brilliant concert – really enjoyed every moment. Jan Leard
FANTASTIC Leonie Shirley
Your music is “FOOD FOR THE SOUL!” Thank you for bringing such world class perfomance to such a little country hall. I feel very honoured that you all share your magnificent talents so freely. Truly uplifting. Jenny Brittenden
Wonderful. Food for my soul. Glenda Lister
Overwhelmingly beautiful! David & Helen Matley
Really entertaining and enjoyable, and outstanding performances all around. Tracy West
Wonderful – loved every minute, highly recommend. Kathy Cavanagh
Excellent – good mix of music. Love to support local events. You all worked hard in difficult conditions. Neena Thompson
Absolute brilliance. Exciting. What a joy for the senses. Thank you. Dorothy Penning
Wonderful music (and scones). If you like Classical Rock try: Ronda Venitizio, “Venice In Peril” and FOURPLAY (Brisbane Quartet). Selwyn Weier & Anna Woltmann
TRES’ BIEN MON AMI!!!!! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT – Totally enjoyed every second! I truly hope to hear you again – God bless you all xxx Colin & Jackie French
WOW! What a concert. Not a weak link in any of the 5 artists. Renat’s cello playing of Flight of The Bumble Bee so impressive. What a glorious voice of Anna Butterworth. Attilla you sure make your violin talk – Loved every piece from you especially the birds chirping and the cow. I can’t wait to see your next concert at Redcliffe. I would like to see you make a CD of some of the music from this program at Mt Mee – would be so special. I’m glad we read about your concert, you now have another two fans. Jewel Aty
The best!! Thank you all so very much.
The acoustics @ Sandgate Town Hall are probably the best in the area. Although we have enjoyed all of Attilla’s performances @ Mueller College, they are all microphone sound, and while we consider the Audio Technicians @ Mueller as the best on the Peninsula – there is no substitute for the “Organic Sound” of the original instrument. Thus we hope for further concerts @ Sandgate. William R Thurgood
Concert was great, enjoyed it very much, but I made the mistake of buying your DVD from Brisbane City Hall. This DVD is pale, streaked and the music often distorted. Unwatchable. In spite of the DVD I still look forward to seeing you in Redcliffe or any other venue I can catch you at. Regards, W R Thurgood. Ann Hansen
WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! Words fail me at your genius. Thank you all for a superb concert.
I so much enjoyed the enthusiasm of Attilla and all the performers. It is fantastic to have players of this standard performing locally. Veronika Makk
Masterful musicians. Superb soprano. Great programme – well-balanced, beautifully presented. THANK YOU. Fotini Panagopoulos (& Marianthi)
Brilliant concert, excellent repertoire choice. Good blend of musos – sounded very balanced. Great to hear such high standard of music locally produced – and affordable for families. Will come back with my extended family!! Rachel Hopper
Thank you – it was great! Awesome repertoire of music for violin, cello, piano and voice. Really good to bring the children too as relaxed and accessible feel. Tom & Margaret McLaughlin
Already have my email. Another wonderful afternoon. thank you all. Love the Sandgate Hall. Margaret Lucas
Found the music to be uplifting and also felt that the musicians were connected with the music and each other. Also enjoyed the vocal communication and interaction with the audience. Would have like to hear more of the concertos but I do appreciate the time constraints. Would love to come again. Please don’t wait too long to come back. David Groen
Wonderful, a pleasant surprise in an unusual venue. Much appreciated. Thank you all. David, Rivka & Terry Groen.
Visiting from UK. Very entertaining. Excellent presentation. Too short!! Soprano also excellent. Terry Groen
Total enjoyment, great artists – well chosen program. I hope to be able to enjoy hearing you again and again. Thank you – Terry. Melody Cambier
Superb, just superb – Thank you – Love and Blessings, Melody 🙂 Julie Ivers
Great afternoon – very enjoyable. Janet Struan
A delightful group of musicians playing wonderful music in a beautiful hall. A lovely way to spend the afternoon. Thank you. Mary Robertson
Excellent music and concert. Great choice of symphonies. Ursula Kroker
We are without words. Tears are running down our cheeks. Speechless, listening to your magic music. It’s nourishment for the soul. Migrating from Berlin 18 yrs ago I feel I have missed this so much! So thanks a lot to all of you! Glad to have found you and know you now! Pamella Moore
Excellent acoustic for classical. Anna Butterworth – Excellent, breathtaking songstress. Attilla Sautov – your music makes me cry with some of the repetoire played. What a gem performance from all at Sandgate Town Hall.
Thank you ALL such wonderful talents. Thank you for coming to this part of our wonderful country. We are starved for beautiful music. I am in my 80s and don’t drive at night. Please come often. Gwenyth Mitchell
Just loved it as well as last time. A great choice of some of my favourite pieces. Wouldn’t miss it. Are so talented. Catherine Kelly
Gabriel who is 7 years old says you are an amazing violinist! Thoroughly enjoyable for all ages. Gorgeous music and singing. Enjoying the closeness of a “hall” experience. Great scones Anna! Thank you. Carolyn Walter
Great concert! Enjoyed immensely. Jenny Gursanscky
Very enjoyable music, good to see such a professional group in Buderim. Great value! Particularly enjoyed the cello. Thank you. Margaret Jones
Wonderful Concert. I shall bring my whole family next time – come again soon. Elaine Davidson
Please just change one thing. COME MORE OFTEN!! We adore you. Gretta & Elwyn Evans
Would not miss these outstanding concerts (only if sick or on holidays). We are so lucky to be able to attend such excellent musicians locally. Thank you Attilla!! Nanette Black
Beautiful Sunday Music. Much enjoyed. Tony & Barbera Ammendous
Thank you for a beautiful afternoon of pure joy listening to such sublime music and singing. Mark Ferris
A most appealling choice of music – to cater for all tastes. A perfect Sunday concert – come again please! Glennice Robson
Wonderful afternoon of entertainment and talent. Thank you! Linda McNeill
My first experience at a Classical concert. I really enjoyed it – thank you. My granddaughter has started to play the violin so I bought her along to hear you. Kayleigh McNeill
Butful, gurgors, Ausem, Nice. Barbara Brice
A wonderful feast of music. Each musician is brilliant. Dominic Grew (Mum = Jenny)
Wonderful collaboration from all the musicians. Love the afternoon concerts so Dominic aged 10 can come along. Anna – thanks for the lovely baking. LOTS of fun. Merle Hayes
Brilliant. We loved Attilla’s sense of humour. Please come again. Brenda Murcott
Bravo, you must be exhausted. T’was wonderful. Should be on your email list – don’t forget me please. John Smith
Please print more programmes for future performances. Your version of Vivaldi is a wonderful display of technical expertise but does not express the original vision I believe Vivaldi intended. Bev Smith
Very entertaining and talent galore. Many thanks – you lifted my spirits. Elizabeth Johnston
Very enjoyable and comfortable venue. Mami Yamanaka
Best Czardas Ever! Bach Double violin concerto was superb. So many times listened. Mai practised. Whole parts balanced well – combined together. Schindler’s List, Thais and Ombra Mai Fu all favourites. Beautiful music. “Violin is so nice”. “Put” list of emails and send all reminder is good idea and give brochure to local violin teachers, school music dept (high school etc). Good to see your beautiful performance. I like Bach Double third (a bit fast!!) movement too. So many times practised and listened but never get bored. Bach is a “God” of music. Anna is a good violinist 🙂 David’ll come to Classic Rock Fusion. I prefer a bit slower Bach and Vivaldi violin concerto. First time to hear cello version of Bumblebee! What a finger movement!! My favourite version of Ave Maria! Covered with goose bumps her voice is devine. Why did you use amplifier for the violin? Harmonics doesn’t go well with amplifier. Eric Roberts
Bach concerto – better if less pressured – more peaceful thanks. Meditation Thais – play it to the triumph and beauty Jesus offers all. Umbra mai fu – beautiful. Cesa Franc – Bread from heaven – wonderful bread. The Swan – best cello up runs/tone I’ve heard. Bach – flowed with beauty – heaven preview. Lilce?? – better than Umbra mai fu – thank you. Haydn Cello – gutsy – good. Bach Air – Pace perfect, tone sublime. Scarlatti – Lustrous singing – great beauty. Puccini – Anna Maria – exquisite – perfectly sung – Anna Maria sings – violins couldn’t match her top phrases – more childlike for low phrases to become sublimely perfect before heaven opens for you through Yashua. Monti – Childish – Wow – no words good enough – complete. Please come bless Nambour’s Flame Tree Baptist Church. They have beautiful young dancers who would love to hear and dance to your dazzle. Thanks – wonderful concert – God given talents. Joanne McLoughlin
A wonderful performance. I’m looking forward to attending the “rock” concert with my granddaughter who is learning the violin. Mr Joseph Mifsud
The concert was extremely entertaining with a very good selection of different types of music. Attilla and his group are extremely competent giving a wonderful rendition of each piece. The soprano was exceptional with range and power to fill the area, not needing a microphone of amplifier. Altogether a very great afternoon of entertainment, and Attilla very generous with his time. PS. Can’t wait till the next one. JM Joan Veronica Melton
Simply Wonderful. Everyone & everything you did was wonderful. Truly delightful – enjoyed by all. Shirley Patricia Johnson
Attilla you are a consummate master of musical talent, you and your musical ensemble gives much joy. I will attend as many of your concerts as I can. As a suggestion, would it be possible to play a complete work? I realize you have to choose your program to suit many musical tastes, I am looking forward to seeing and hearing you again very soon.
Excellent!! Bravo!!
Very enjoyable. Excellent concert. Top stars. L Willis
Loved the concert and the program – so many pieces that are so well known to the ear but often the names escape us. Beautifully presented and loved the international flavour. Patricia (Kay) Smith
Absolutely marvellous. Enjoyed every moment. Thank you. June & Louis Larking
Once again a wonderful performance. A lovely selection of items. Thanks for the great encores! We appreciate your God-given music ability. Vivien Barton
Lovely, humorous and gorgeous music! Great interaction with audience. Loved the informal and joyous, almost spontaneous atmosphere. Thelma Foley
You have gifts from heaven. God bless. Gillian & Denis Froggett
A great afternoon – so much talent and plenty of humour. Thank you all. Jo Rolston
Beautiful concert. Fay Harris
EXCELLENT Lindsay Hoffman
So good to have such talented musicians come to our local community. Particularly enjoyed Attilla’s violin gymnastics. Adele Jacob
Absolutely marvellous – never to be forgotten occasion! Thank you so much for beautiful music – such talent. Music from Heaven! Colette Kinsella
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert. You are all very talented and professional musicians. The program was very carefully selected – and had many of my favourite pieces included. In fact, on a couple of occasions I felt the tears in my eyes – beautiful music and evocative memories! I wondered if you know the words to “Danny Boy”, Attilla? I am Irish and my mother used to sing that song. Sad words. Thank you for putting on a top class concert in a local venue at an affordable price!
Thank you for a fantastic concert. Your talent is amazing and your enthusiasm infectious. Loved the cello and the soloist especially. You are all very talented. Marie Foster
A delightful concert. Wonderful to watch as well as enjoying the music, and what a talented group. An amazing concert. Brilliant, very entertaining – everyone should go. Coralie Harris
I loved your concert. I love the intimate feel you create, the music really comes alive. Well done, a wonderful night of fantastic music and musicians – all of you are amazing. Thank you. Kay Owen
Excellent – wonderful.
I find some of Bach tends to be repetitious. This I felt particularly during the Bach Violin Concerto for 2 violins in D minor. There was a microphone placed v close to the cello. The cello often drowned out the sound of the piano. Jan Colgrave
Great music – great performers. Would love to hear Ludwig Van Beethoven for Violin & Orchestra in D Major Op 81. Therese Wolters
I attended your concert on 4 March (Viridian Village) (I do not have email). My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and will do all we can do promote future concerts. (She gave her email). I go to National Seniors, Albany Creek. Concerts such as yours are sometimes organized, particularly at Redcliffe. Some will support a “QPAC” concert I’m sure! Many years ago I took my mother (70s) to Yehudi Menuhin – I saw comparisons! My mum loved violin and passed that love on to me (all classical music, in fact – back in the days of no TV, even no power!) Could I suggest you contact Steve Austin at ABC Radio 612. He would LOVE your music and would promote it, I’m sure! He plays an “unknown star” each week. St Joseph’s Bracken Ridge – Church Newsletter. Some at Viridian came from there. Promote through National Seniors??? PS. I learnt violin but can’t play!! What a singer! ALL artists on the night were exceptional! And that cello…!!
Very lively & inspiring! Anne Devane
Thank you for the wonderful concert! You all have fantastic talent. I was disappointed not more people were there to hear you play. Maybe you could have a contact in each town to put up a poster before you perform so that more people will know about it. Diana Murray
Enjoyed the drive, the atmosphere and of course the music. Anna Maria has a beautiful voice, beautifully accompanied. The cello playing is strong and the piano is a great partnership. The violins make the camber music alive. Lynette Hill
Excellent. Very blessed to have Attilla and friends play here. Singing is wonderful. Thank you. Di Smith
Loved the singer! Just goosebump material. Helen Sheppard
Good for the soul. BOOM! Fantastic. Gordon Reddek
The instruments were a little loud for the soprano at times. Otherwise just great. Pam Foale
You all renew my faith in humanity. One of you would be “enough” so all of you is a miracle. Hila – your face is a dance all on its own! Renat – Thank you for leaving Uzbekistan & being here. Anna M – You are a 100% treasure. Anna B – The choir of all the angels in heaven must look down and say it isn’t fair that we’re all stuck up here while Anna is down there. Maleny is really heaven today. Anita Edmonds
Love the mixture of recognisable and less known pieces and music styles. Excellent value for money. Appreciate so much in the program but could consider cutting the first half down by 10%. Enjoy the humour and introductions of pieces. Excellent quality. Enjoy the mixture of singing/piano/cello/violin. Kathy Taylor
Wonderful as always. Enjoyed the variety of talent and repertoire. Attilla wonderful as always. Please keep coming. Trisha & Noel Hill
Absolutely wonderful. Please come back soon. John & Ada Coulter
Spectacular. So uplifting and inspiring. Thank all the performers who share their exceptional talents with us. Joye Alit
Magnificent, inspiring, elevating and fun! I am going to give a ticket to my grandson for his birthday. He will love it. So would many others of my family, but I can’t afford too many! Why don’t you tell a little about what Bach, etc are saying with all those glorious notes. Few people these days know anything about classical music. It’s a great opportunity to tell people about the One, they (and you) are pouring out such praise of. THANK YOU. Keeping coming! And blessing! God bless You.I heard about the concert from you handing out flyers in the café! Ivor & Jean Head
We both enjoyed everything about the concert – being able to be present for such a skilled performance, the choice of music and especially the relaxed atmosphere. Thank you – each performer was brilliant! We are 86 and 85 years old and our opportunities for these wonderful experiences are more limited these days so all the more appreciated. Jim and Joan Fleming
Most enjoyable Marie Scott
Superb. Brilliant. So very proficient. Pity not more publicity. Rosemary Harries
Exquisite music which gave me great pleasure. Thank you! Olive Munns
BRAVO! A wonderful concert – unfortunately seen no advertising – word of mouth – tried to engage other attendees – but only knew at the last minute. Please have someone on the door saying “welcome” on arrival. Artists need this support and people be relaxed. Perhaps a “fan” could do this for you. Great to have these concerts!! Will make sure I bring along more supporters. Anya Shevel
In love with “Flower Duet” and “Storm” John Aboud
Excellent – as good as anything I’ve heard in Paris – better even. Krista Pappas
Best concert I’ve been to for ages. I want more! more! more! Fabulous. Thank you.
Dear Attilla, Seriously was on the edge of my seat from the first note to the last. Your masterful and skilful management of playing, was indeed an inspiration.And truly thank you for sharing your gift. In Jesus’ Name. And this also goes for Hila and Renat. John & Alexa Doessel
We loved your concert. A wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. A pity more young people hadn’t attended, they would have enjoyed it. The program spot on, performances just wonderful. Perhaps in Handel’s ‘Largo’ a little less violin to enable the soprano voice to be heard clearly. We will tell everyone about your wonderful concert. Best of luck. Natalie Snide
Enjoyed the concert immensely. You chose most of my favourite pieces. I liked the classic/rock. Especially your treatment of Mozart’s Rondo. I think he would be pleased to know his music is so much enjoyed 200 years after his death. John Taylor
Second item spoilt by electronic percussion but I loved the rest. Barb Moloney
Wonderful concert! Not really keen on the rock version of Vivaldi but loved the rest!! ?
Very enjoyable concert for a Saturday afternoon. Would prefer sticking to music rather than introducing dancing – although a ‘dinner dance’ situation would be fun. Perhaps explore particular periods of music in separate concerts for the more serious. Would be great to encourage more younger audience members. Suellen Herd
No dancers needed! Your music is wonderful without too much extra! Erno
BRAVO Natalia Seamen
Wonderful! Thank you for your fantastic talent, amazing passion, warmth, hard working attitude, genuine contact with public. Such a special afternoon! All the best for the future!
Great mix and enjoyed the rock fusion. Will be great to see it live as opposed to backing track. your soprano’s were an absolute delight. Very enjoyable. Desolie Page
My soul is refreshed – thank you. World class musicians in Samford. Please come again. It’s so important that such beautiful music is shared at the community level. To be in this small performance area is so-o-o-o much better than in huge concert halls (and affordable!). Sherry Webster
Awesome concert. The music was superb. The humour and warmth and sense of inclusion were stunning. Thank you! Natalia Kononovc
Fantastic, as usual. Enjoyed immensely. Thank you so much. Andrea
Bravo! I loved everything about the concert! Loved the pieces you played. Would love to hear “Spring” from The Four Seasons as well. Why not play all the seasons! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us! xxx Rhondda Skinner
Absolutely Fabulous! Everyone was fantastic. I loved the variety of the program. Margaret Morrissy
Come again please. Soon! 🙂 Rosemary Robertson
Excellent presentation of pieces of music chosen. Loved having such a variety of music, opera. Loved having different interpretations of well known pieces. I would love to come again. Cynthia Mollison
Thoroughly enjoyed this concert and so grateful to be able to enjoy this calibre of music in our local area. The variety was great and interesting to hear the rock influence. So good to see you enjoying what you do. Thank you! Allison Lawrence
The best concert we have been to. (Allison, Graham, Beth and Mitch) Helen Lack
I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I thought the program was varied and the pieces were not too long or heavy. I thought all the performers showed a wonderful degree of expertise. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable afternoon.
Amazing outstanding musicianship! (Actually I was expecting that given your experience). Also loved the charisma – you made this a lot of fun 🙂 The rock fusion was part of the fun. Please come to Samford again!! Maree Blake
Wonderful Concert. Liked both classical and rock fusion. Wonderful program. Natalie Snide
Enjoyed the concert immensely. You chose most of my favourite pieces. I liked the classic/rock. Especially your treatment of Mozart’s Rondo. I think he would be pleased to know his music is so much enjoyed 200 years after his death. Di Harris
Fantastic, such a wonderful afternoon. Delightful to hear Hila on the piano. Such grace and so sensitive to watch, not only her movements with fingers but expressions as well. Thank you Renat for the beauty of “The Swan” and for Anna, such a beautiful voice and the two girls in “The Flower Duet” was wonderful. Thank you Attilla for an outstanding concert. Yes, look forward to “More Samford”. Roslyn Thompson
Absolutely wonderful. An afternoon to remember. Thank you so much xxx Denise Clancy
It was fabulous. Please come again. Dancers, electronic, food. Lechoslaw Zarzycki
Excellent presentation of pieces of music chosen. Loved having such a variety of music, opera. Loved having different interpretations of well known pieces. I would love to come again. Paul & Tricia Clark
What a fantastic concert. A superb standard of musicians and a wonderful variety of music. The soloists were beautiful too. I loved Attilla’s commentary and humour – just great. What about an open air concert at night/evening with opportunity for people to bring a picnic? Sheryl Guthrie
Thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational! Thank you all for a wonderful program. Especially enjoyed Flight of the Bumblebee, Meditation, Cello Concerto and the Gypsy Air – maybe I should just say the whole program – including Amazing Grace! Graham and Tanya Morris
Breathtaking, amazing, program varied, oh so polished, an out-of-this-world experience. Bless you all. Isabel Gallon
Fantastic music and musicians!! Please come back to Samford. Cecily Primmer
Just brilliant! Absolutely amazing. Loved every minute of it! PLEASE COME AGAIN! Melanie Jackel
Great – thank you, loved it!! Amy Talbot
Beautiful music – very moving and entertaining from the first note to the last. Please come again. Rosanne Talbot
A wonderful and inspiring performance. Thank you. Matt Vandercloet
I don’t remember enjoying a concert as much as this – simply superb! Thank you!! Rosa Richard Craqo
Well worth coming to listen and watch. Colleen
It has been wonderful. Christine Hope
Wonderful concert. We didn’t know what to expect, but we’re greatly uplifted by the skilful and melodious music. Thank you! Allen and Lynette Neil
Come again! Francesca Laura
Thank you for an outstanding concert. We are so fortunate to have Attilla “and friends” here in Brisbane. Am telling my friends – even those who do not usually attend concerts. Great programme of music. See you in October. Thank you all – Regards Ruth. P.S. Any chance of Paganini: Moto Perpetuo?? Ruth Abbott
Excellent, please include us on any planning for future concerts in the south west of WA. Heather Matthews
Beautiful music. Please come again. Frances Barnes
Thank you for a most wonderful evening Rev. Mary Esslemont
Absolutely beautiful, clever, virtuoso. Funny and entertaining. Very expressive man. Very talented, world class. Very enjoyable – the violin is part of this man’s self – brilliant musicians. Tricia Garvey
The concert was excellent. I thought that the programme was well selected for the type of audience – many of whom are most probably not regular concert goers. The sound of the 300 year old cello was sublime and I wonder if there could be an occasional item featuring the cello. Congratulations, it was most enjoyable. Mrs Coral Stewart
Thank you for a lovely evening of music and humour. I found the young musicians and yourself excellent, the programme well balanced with many beautiful moments. Mary Cook and Jed Burlinson
Loved the concert. I particularly enjoyed the “Adagio in G Minor.” I had heard it many times before but you telling us what it was all about before you played it made all the difference to my enjoyment of the music. Bernice O’Connell
Thank you for a wonderful evening – great to have you in Donnybrook. What about some Rossini? Danny Rossini
Loved every minute of it. Brian Odate
This was an amazing concert – great talent and skill. Very entertaining. Lovely communication between the artists and with the conductor and audience. Jean Beckl
Thank you for a beautiful evening of exciting music! I never knew the violin could create such incredible sounds – look forward to your next visit to Donnybrook. Brenda Buchan
The music was wonderful and whole evening a truly memorable musical experience from Attilla and all the girls. It was almost worth the journey from Scotland alone. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything else! Tom Walker
I thought it was lovely, it was nice watching people who clearly enjoyed what they were doing. Donna McCann
Absolutely wonderful!!! Had a great time!!! Hope you can come back next year!!! Best of luck with all concerts!!! Thank you so much!!! Rita Winkler
Absolutely fabulous. I have never seen the violin played so wonderful. Nevillo Clifford
Excellent concert, beautiful music Attilla Rosemary Osborne
Absolutely mental!!! Wonderful.Please let us know of future concerts. Suzanne Leclair
Fantastic, thank you! Truly beautiful music. Very inspiring to see the effort to support orphanages and to see the focus on using outstanding talents for God’s glory and other people enjoyment. Thanks again for coming to Armidale! Naomi Saunders
Thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful program, the fabulous musicianship, the pure love and joy of it all. Thank you for a tremendous concert and for enriching our lives with your music. Please come again. Patricia Peterson
Fabulous! Wonderful ensemble but… wow! What a personality you have in Attilla. An absolute privilege to have been here tonight. Such a generous performance. Leon Le
Great Jonathon Larsen
Please come again. Fantastic. Great. Chris William
So beautiful… A joyful and exhilarating experience. Would love to hear you play again. Graham and Virginia Hall
A great evening with the lovely band. Please come back again – we’ll spread the word. David and Mary Howie
It was very lovely. It would be good to see again. Taphyl
Professional playing displaying craftsmanship. Energetic, irrespective of tempo, and often heavenly. Max Wright
Loved it!! Please come to Armidale again. First concert I’ve been to where first violinist has interacted with audience. Jocelyn and Brandon (8 yr old boy)
Excellent Angeline Timms
I am a student (13yrs). I am learning violin and viola. I loved watching and listening to all this fabulous music. Liam Mallinson
Thank you for a great evening. Attilla was amazing and absolutely enjoys playing. Ruth Cooper
Really, really good. Thank you. See you next year. Chapman (12 yrs)
Thank you for a wonderful evening. You were so very generous with your time – you obviously love to play. Please come again. Daphne Cordingley
Most enjoyable! Come again next year! Rosamund Miller
Great how Attilla interacted with the audience. A joy to be here with my violin playing granddaughter. 100% perfect!! Diana Doyle
I am very pleased with the program. Choosing pieces that are well known to the general public. Also I love how you all interacted with the audience. Sarah Corbett
It was a most enjoyable evening, full of beautiful music. All the musicians were outstanding, especially the first violinist. Thank you. L. Novy
Fantastic show, enjoyed it very much! Like to come again… Peter Moeller
Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Could have listened all night – my kids loved it. Becky Thyssen
A wonderful feast! Thank you. I feel re-enlivened – ready for the next step in life – reminds me of my parents and brings them close. (Both violinists). Shelly
Best music show I’ve seen in Coffs! Come again please! Your friendly atmosphere was wonderful! Michelle de Mink
Absolutely awesome! “Moses in Egypt” by Paganini on one string – unbelievable. Mary Lou Lloyd
It was great to see the children performing especially. A most enjoyable concert. Rita Anderson
What a joyful celebration of music! I really enjoyed the informal, personal touches alongside the professional dedication to the music. Much appreciated. Ros Rawlinson
Enjoyed it very much especially Oboe, violin and children. Variety was very good. Look forward to more. Carol Whigham and Mary Robertson
Wonderful afternoon. Inspiring to see the young ones given such a blessed opportunity to work with Attilla and other talented musicians. Thank you to all who gave of their time and talent to bless others!!! Graham and Rachel McMahon
Great opportunity and you were very, very encouraging for the young performers. Liked your commentary as well, very personal touch and funny. Very, very great enjoyable, relaxing afternoon. Pearl Tebbit
What a fabulous afternoon. The soloists were so good. Your Lili was amazing, she handled it so well. The flutist and Attilla were fantastic. Jan Findlay
Delightful and surprising. Loved the statues enjoyed the program. Robyn Nargar
Enjoyed every minute! Great entertainment. Great skills. Such fun! H. Douglas
I loved the program and how the show was run with background info to the pieces of music. Very well done. Thank you immensely. Monique Brown
Inspiring, I liked the last few songs. Such talented musicians – we hope you come back again to inspire us. Jessica McGrath
Thank you for a wonderful concert. Best we’ve been to for a long time. Loved the witty dialogue too! Please come back to Buderim soon. Lucy Watson
Brilliant. Beautiful music and fun. Come to Buderim again. Phillip Watson
A very delightful evening. Vincent
A wonderful choice of different pieces, thank you. I have not had a musical education, but found the variety of works most interesting. The quality of the playing was most impressive and stimulating. I enjoyed the rapport between the musicians. Margaret Compton
Bravo – we loved your work. Keep up the excellent energetic performance. Improvisation and team dynamic shone through. Jolene Voussem
Excellent – well worth hearing. John Rossiter
Excellent concert. Really enjoyed the amount of time given to the younger players to perform. Thank you. Katharine Butler
I have been to Heaven. Joan
Very enjoyable. Could have had another hour. Ana McHarg
We are privileged to be treated to such a wonderful performance by such gifted musicians. Robyn Lutton
A most wonderful entertaining concert for the afternoon. L. King
The standard of the performance is magnificent. Enhanced by a larger number of performers then I was expecting. Bob Knox
I enjoyed the whole programme. Every age group was wonderful. Ken King
Wonderful! Bliss! Beatrice Lane
Wonderful and exciting. Enjoyed it so much and could see you do enjoy yourself too. Please return. The view is even better in winter. WILL YOU COME BACK AGAIN?? Gail Lindsay
One choice of music was suitable for the audience retirees, mostly the members of the orchestra gave good support and were aware of your direction at all times. Attilla your playing was inspiring. All told a most enjoyable concert. Margaret Harding
A lovely evening. Enjoyed the Mendelssohn very much! Janna Quarantotto
Wonderful concert – virtuoso performance. Excellent choice of repertoire. I will be seeing Attilla again in Gympie and Sunshine Coast. It is wonderful to promote young players as he does. Kathy Taylor
Great concert – a fabulous afternoon’s entertainment. I liked the tempi especially the Mozart. I also enjoyed hearing so many high notes on the string G !!! (Paganini). Patrick Johns (student of the violin since 1.5 years)
My children and I loved this concert. Wonderful music. I would love to hear Attilla and his orchestra again. Carmen Stevenson
Wonderful concert. Would love to have you back again. Please let the schools know: West Anglican College, Ipswich Grammar and Girls Grammar Schools, St Edmunds, St Marys and State schools. Narelle Harbison
A very enjoyable concert. I especially enjoyed the soloists but the whole orchestra was a joy! Congratulations everyone! Rita Anderson
Wonderful concert with very talented performers. Thank you all. Jan and Kay Wells
Wonderful. I will come again. Gwen Smithers
Excellent concert. Best Four Seasons ever. Look forward to your return. Kay Kerr and Michael Kerr
Excellent. Length of concert good. Time good. Helen Pedder
Wonderful venue and first class music. Very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Jackie Wilkinson and Aidan
A very enjoyable concert. Laurie Webb
Really beautiful music. Keep it up in small country towns. Diane Dobson and Row Wheeler
Wonderful thank you! Can’t imagine how to offer feedback for improvement. The commentary was lovely, the performance was marvellous. Jasmine Gledhill
Wonderful concert. We didn’t know what to expect, by the skilful and melodious music. Thank you! Allen and Lynette Neil
Great fun – beautiful music. Marie Fisher
A delightful concert. Ronda Johnson/Abby K
Marcello – So lovely to hear a glorious trumpet on a Sunday afternoon. Corelli – I have not heard this piece before and I enjoyed it. Thanks. Bach – Fantastic, well done. Vivaldi – Lovely! Glazunov – I’m more a fan of Bach/Vivaldi but enjoyed a new experience. Very well played. Thanks for playing such nice music on Sunday. What inspiration. Rebecca
Excellent performance. We need to hear more music on Sundays. Every artist was fabulous. E. Rayner
Wonderful afternoon of music and entertainment. It is always good to hear about each member of the band. Janice O’Pray
Virtuosity TTT. Some of the speeds were rather challenging but you made it look easy! The students seemed to be enjoying themselves also. An amazing concert. Thank you. Joan Penny
It has been a privilege to hear such beautiful music in our church. Virtuosity with sensitivity and humour. A serious concert full of fun. Thank you for great music played with understanding and joy. Superb! Mr. Stevenson
Very nice, beautiful and relaxing. Hope to hear you play again. Enjoyed talking to you. Do you ever get sore fingers or arm? Daniel Shearer (9 years)
A wonderful concert. There must be more events of this genre in our city. Communities thrive when creativity flourishes. Emily Jeffery
Magnificent performance. All the very best. Dr. Igor Jeremijenco
Really good and fast. The best music. Kate’s first classical music concert. Katelyn Murray
Excellent players. We would love to hear more of you. Rex Simons
Having recently attended a classical presentation at Sydney Recital Hall I have come to the conclusion that your concert has definitely outclassed the other one. Ghoureen Bagdassarian
It was a wonderful concert – so much variety and such a great range at skills. I didn’t realise you could get so many sounds from a violin. Superb! Desiree O’Regen
Excellent – most enjoyable. H. Roguson
Very, very enjoyable. Thank you all for your time and energy. I loved it. Shirley Wiefenbach
Music excellent!!! You already know that. The interaction between the two cellists and yourself in “Moses in Egypt” is priceless. The playful smile on the young girls’ lips as she glances between you and the young fellow in anticipation made me smile. Thank you for bringing such classical beautiful sounds, to this outback country town.
Enjoyed this concert very much. Thought the variety of pieces was most enjoyable and well selected. Greer
It has been wonderful. Christene Hope
I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Would love to come to more recitals when they are on. Val Cullen
Lovely balance to program combined with contagious enthusiasm! Meg Scott
Please come again soon!!! Ted
I feel privileged to have been able to be a part of the audience. The most wonderful concert I’ve even been to in Beaudesert!! The program is a delightful choice in music – it has already moved us to tears and you haven’t played the Bach yet. (or the Albinoni). Ruth Doyle
Wow! Fantastic wonderful family of performers. Please advise when coming back so I can promote your concert. Rosina Friend; Quinn Harding 10; Kitiara Friend 11.
Delightful – warm, skilful and with lots of humour – all in beautiful setting. Please come to Ipswich again! Leonie McEniery
Fantastic concert. Loved Paganini and the Hungarian Dance! The last piece was really fun and entertaining! (by Leroy Anderson). David and Laurel Procter
Loved the Mendelssohn. Come again soon. Ken Goodman
Really enjoyed the variety and expertise of the players – great concert. Jan Foote
A fabulous concert – as always! Generous in content and length. We enjoyed Attilla’s rapport with the audience, both in his astonishing playing as well as his humorous comments on the prices. Anne and John Forkes
Wonderful concert. Please come again. A pleasure to watch and listen – uplifting. Adriana
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play at the concert on Saturday night. It was fantastic listening to such talented young people, and the great amount of work that you and many others put into it was obvious. It came together really well on the night! Amazing talent. Anna
Thanks again for coming to Gympie. It is always a true blessing listening to you – a great master of the violin, play such divine music. I very much enjoyed it. Nitekahua
Wonderfully different and extremely enjoyable. Thank you.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Glad we came. Please come again. Good to see young people in the orchestra and also in the audience. A.Yates
Lovely choice of music. I enjoyed the concert very much. Good to see gifted musicians given this opportunity! Liked the audience involvement at the end. Yes, please come again! Marie Cameron
Bravo Maestro. A stunning performance. A pleasant afternoon spent in a beautiful venue. Del Merrick
Brilliant! Please come back. Gail Merosini
Wonderful to see such talent and young people enjoying playing great music. Peter Richards
Wonderful concert. Please come again. Would love you to visit Taipo in New Zealand. Thank you for a wonderful concert.
Thank you Attilla – An outstanding performance. Please return to Toowoomba. Dianne Spanswick
Inspiring performance and an enjoyable program. Dave Wellings
Never have I enjoyed a concert more! Judy Lock
A truly inspiring performance. I brought my 12 year old daughter who is studying cello (grade 4 level) and she thoroughly enjoyed it – particularly as the beautiful cellist was only 16 years old. It would be wonderful to publicise this to more young students. Thank you. Sonia Fitton
It is good to be able to enjoy such a beautiful concert in a country town. Joan Ransom
What a performance!! And great fun! A great evening of such talented musicians who obviously live and breathe the music. A and S Prentice
Congratulations on very professional performance – timing first class – modulation excellent. Tuning excellent. D. Townspend
Excellent! Thank you and God bless. Janice McCullock
A most enjoyable concert. It was worth driving a long way for it! (Russian) Yulia
I thought last year was good, but this year was even better, and hope to see you again many times. Peter Argyropoules
You left me breathless. Helen Gresvenor
Attilla your informal manner and sense of humour add greatly to the enjoyment. The acoustics are better than the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. When is the 4th coming? Wonderful musicians – none could be better. This was my first coming and such beautiful music should be heard by a larger audience. How can this be achieved? Your 200 year old violin sounds so beautiful not over w… by practice and of course made so by the holder of the bow. Louise Archibald
Thank you so much. A wonderful testimony to God’s grace and beauty. A touch of His glory. Anne and Graham Rowe
What a delight! So much of my favourite music. The “Albinoni” always makes me want to weep – beautiful. The Paganini with itS harmonies – great fun – and very difficult! Thank you. Lovely that you acknowledge your faith in God, too! He has a given you a wonderful gift to use – and a great sense of fun. What an amazing Czardas! Your group was delightful! I could have listened all night. Thank you all! Faye Owen
Wonderful concert – my 3rd one. I usually attend in Dubbo – my home town. Thanks for travelling! My husband hopes to go to your concert next week in Dubbo. We love to listen to your gifts! Look forward to next time – praise God. Janice Robinson
I felt very moved by my first concert. Listen to the beautiful music and watching all of the musicians playing their instruments was spiritual. Thank you so much. Robyn Tuck
Loved your sense of fun with words and music! Your more serious commentary on the music was also appreciated. Thank you. Wonderfully rich variety in the program. Great camaraderie among the musicians. Richard
Concert was a delightful evening. I will be singing your praises when I get to my home town – Toowoomba. The acoustics in St Luke’s Church are wonderful. See you there on May 6th. P.S. Could you feature the violinist somewhat. He’s good. Gillian Scott
Very enjoyable and lovely with beautiful, pleasing music. I love to see the musicians move as they play – feeling the music/emotion of the music. Great technique, shown in your choice of songs. I am in my early 40’s and if you know any great teachers in Brisbane I would love to know to start off where I left off as a teenager. Thank you for the inspiring music. Jen Allen
I particularly like the way each musician had his moment of glory – a bit like jazz! Bob Craine
Wonderful music with great humour! (Great to watch) Please, please come back again to Port Macquarie. Marian Easterbrook and Richard Bowler
BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! It was so wonderful to see a group of wonderful musicians come together and BLESS US. Thank you Attilla and one day I know that many of you will be very, very, very famous. Thanks a million! (for the free CD for Dennis’s birthday). We bought the other one. Jan and Dennis Foletta
Beautiful harmony. Beautiful synchronising. Beautiful music – well played. Thank you musicians. A most delightful experience and evening. Best wishes and good luck. Barrie Bannerman
Thank you one again for coming to Dubbo and bringing your delightful music. Most entertaining and enjoyable. Full of energy! Sandra Gaffney
One of the most excellent violin concerts that I have ever attended. Thank you very much. Alex Firouzabadi
Breath taking performance. Re-enforced my passion for classical music. Gary McGeorge
Thank you for coming back to Dubbo. Enjoyed this program just as much as the last one. Please return! Adrian Ryan
Beautiful music. Very talented. Great choice of Programme. What a treat for one living in Dubbo. Please perform in Dubbo again and again. Dulcie Taylor
I have really enjoyed this concert. I especially enjoyed the music selection as I grew up listening to and playing most of these pieces. Thank you all for coming to Dubbo. My mum informed me of the concert. I have not seen this high quality of playing for a while. Thanks for all the hard work. Kylie Davis
I enjoyed the variation in the piece performed and was most impressed with the whole performance. W. Armstrong
Absolutely splendid – excellent. H. West
Wonderful, wonderful such talent and great variety. Judy Prentick
A most enjoyable evening as was your former concert in Dubbo – the different artists are equally as good. I also appreciate your coming to a rural centre. I hope you will continue to help us have the pleasure of hearing good music. Ruby Riach
As of last year I’m enjoying the whole orchestral performance – especially the violinists. Do come again next year! Good luck to you all. Margaret Samuels
Wonderful selection of beautiful music. I loved every minute. Thank you so much for coming to Dubbo and sharing with us your God given talent. Adele
Envious of your talent. Great variety in your concert. I really enjoyed the programme. Carole O’Connor
What a wonderful 2 hours, so uplifting. Pamela
Just as good as your last concert in Dubbo and hope you will come again. Dawn S
Brilliant playing. Although it wasn’t the Mendelssohn concerto, I’m glad I heard this one. I didn’t know it before. Michael Ferres
Great variety of pieces. Superb performances by all. Good interaction with audience. Louise Norton
What a privilege to see such wonderful playing at such affordable prices. Susan Hovenden
Absolutely outstanding, awesome, terrific, beautiful tone, wonderful performance. Superb music. Edna Mockentin – Wilfred Scholz – Janet Cheal
Thank you Mr Sautov for a wonderful evening, especially for getting me in touch with my late father who too was a child prodigy violinist. Wishing you best in your brilliant career; brilliant for compassion you add to music. Srauon Grundel
Thank you so much Attilla. I enjoyed it and you transported me into a happier state. Thanks for letting me play your violin. Robyn Coulton
Second time please come back again and again. Michelle de Mink
Brilliant concert. I loved your personal touch. Thank you!!! Beth Rogers
Brilliant – most enjoyable evening. Would like to have all Bach for a finale. Colleen Hull
Absolutely marvellous. You have brought so much joy to us. Thank you. Leslie and Craig
It is an amazing encouragement to see and hear a successful performing artist!!! Philip Cohan
Thank you for a wonderful concert. We hope you’ll come to play for us again. Viola Bassett
Really enjoyed your concert. Would be very interested in finding a way for you to come to South Australia. Deborah Cohen
Brilliant. Versatile. Very entertaining. G. Whittle
Fantastic and enjoyable night full of music. Thank you also for visiting our country town of Coffs Harbour. Donne Bloemhard
Lovely, relaxing and entertaining. Lynne Corrick
Already a second time and I could enjoy your performance. Keep coming to Coffs! Thanks very much for such a great evening. L. Novy
Wonderful music. Entertaining.You all seemed to enjoy yourselves which adds to audience enjoyment. Great variety and fun for all the family from me to my grandmothers. Oliver (conductor) and family
WONDERFUL. FANTASTIC. MARVELLOUS. Please do return. Jennifer
Wonderful evening of entertainment. We are very lucky to have the opportunity of such a high class performance. Please come again. Carolyn Noonan
Loved the concert. The choice of music was really great. Please come again. I was here the last concert. Lenore Philp
Really enjoyed your programme and all your musicians. Definitely feel better now than when I entered. Thank you. That was a hoot! Many thanks. Jane Davies
Thank you for bringing your beautiful sounds and music to Ballina. A joy and a pleasure to spend my birthday with you. Please come back. The children loved it and will talk about it for years to come. Thank you. Justine Driscoll
Great programme! – esp. The Mendelssohn. David and Lee Cowdery
Fantastic. Exceptional talent!! Many thanks. Wayne and Margaret Leven
A joyful night. Wonderful interaction with audience. Pam Barrett
Fantastic. Please come again! Catherine Boyd
Thank you. A wonderfully engaging event. A beautiful evening. Robyn Moffitt
Exceptionally brilliant musicians. Great choice of music – great sound brilliant venue, superb acoustics – we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Let us know when you return please. Keryn Simpsen
A very enjoyable evening! Great playing! Ron and Pat Kerr
So wonderful to have world class music in Ballina. Hope you can return in the future. Julieanne Bigg
Thoroughly enjoyable – excellent playing and entertainment. I enjoyed the variety in the chosen pieces and the members of the orchestra seemed to be enjoying what they were doing and had a good rapport with Attilla. Diana Mason
I have just enjoyed the most wonderful concert with brilliant musicians in a wonderful setting. Couldn’t be better and we had fun too!!! Thanks a lot. Meredith Browne
Amazing! I loved the whole program. Excellent musicians. Fun. Happily sit through it again. Sharee
This was the most entertaining concert I have been to for years. Congratulations! Andrea Rieu eat your heart out. Lyn Ebert
Super – entertaining – enjoyable, all top music. Come back soon. Many Thanks. Elizabeth and George
Fantastic concert! Enjoyed ye all! Thank you for coming to Ballina, come again! Safe journeys. ☺ Rose Wisemantel
It was wonderful. It was an absolute delight to hear and watch Attilla. I could have handled more solo violin, it’s more intense heart wrenching process. That’s just me. I could have listened all night as long as there isn’t too much talking. Thank you. Amanda
Brilliant playing, joyous music, great showmanship, delightful 3/5 you talented players. A lot of fun! Great entertainment, amazing versatility. Thank you for a splendid concert. THANK YOU. Priscilla Connor
This was the second concert of yours we have been to in Armidale. We thoroughly enjoyed both and we hope you will continue to perform in Armidale. Thank you and your fellow musicians for bringing such wonderful music to Armidale. Best wishes. Trish. Trish Petersen
Wonderful selection of music played with gusto. String Chamber music was more interesting than String Quartet. Great variety, talent and inspirational. A lot of fun and very interesting interpretation of the music. FUN! Gillian Carpenter
A wonderful concert. Very gifted players. Please come again. 2 hours of beautiful music and laughs. Thanks. Elizabeth Peach
Wonderful concert and such a delightful programme. Please, please, please come again! If possible, include the Bruch violin concerto. Keep up the fantastic work. Very much appreciated that you include so many country and small round locations. Oh… and great fun! Carl Peterson
Wonderful! Please come again. Most inspiring. Beth Wrigly
Brilliant! It is an absolute delight to be present at the concert. Come again Leonie Sherwin
Wonderful as always. Thank you for coming back to Armidale. Brandon loves to come and watch you play. Jocelyn Sullivan (and Brandon 9 years).
A terrific evening. Full of good music, fun and jokes. Classical music made humorous. Bravo. John Weeks
Thank you for an extraordinary concert so full of dazzling virtuosity but also so much warmth and fun! It’s been such a pleasure, and can’t wait to hear you again! Please contact me before your next visit so I can organise a workshop for my violin students. BRAVO. Sofia Dodds
I enjoyed the concert very much. Very refreshing to not only have such amazing dedication from musicians – but also humour, and sharing personal message with the audience – very encouraging. Wendy Champion
Inspirational. Great pieces. Good to have so many pieces that we all know and love. Wendy Smith and Graham Patterson
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! There are no words to describe. I look forward to seeing another performance. (I’ll bring lots of friends). I absolutely loved the Mendelssohn. It’s one of my favourite pieces of music. Very entertaining and full of energy, I have never seen a better concert. Thank you!!!!….!! Jara Stinson
Thank you so much.The brilliance could not be outshone. Such fun and beautiful performances. I can’t imagine more enjoyment is possible. Please do come back to Armidale again and again. Norman Dare
Fantastic!!! We loved it and the program was wonderful – diverse, enjoyable, great mix of slower plus more upbeat pieces. Incredible talent. Thank you so much for coming to regional (country) places like Busselton Mariam and Carolyn
Thank you very much (yes, a lot!!!) for the extraordinary and inspiring journey, in the sky of music. You made me fall in love with music again!!! All the best to your music in the future!!! I hope to see you again!!! Matt
You are AMAZING!!! Inspiring to my daughters and all of us! I really enjoyed this performance and personality and i can’t wait until the group comes back to Armidale to perform!!! I loved your performance. When i get home I’m going to practice my cello to be just like you! (Jessica H age 12.) (Sarah H age 10.) You are proof of the beauty of the world and that God speaks through music. Ali Hughes, Jessica and Sarah.
Attilla demonstrates personally and passion for music that changes both himself and those around him for the better. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and next time I wish to see more of Attilla’s and company’s emotional journey in the music next year. Matthew Costin
Thank you so very much for comming to play for our residents on Friday, everyone enjoyed it very much. Your young student is very talented. Once again our many thanks to you and your student, we look forward to many more performances, please keep in contact. Val Jennings
Thankyou for a wonderful night of music on Saturday. Lily & Star both loved playing. We appreciate the opportunity which you gave them and your playing was absolutely inspirational. Lana Higson-Spence
Your Concert this afternoon in Denmark was sublime. I’ve seen classical concerts all over the world but todays concert was so intimate and personal it will go down as an all time highlight. Thanks to Madeleine for signing a note to my daughter of the same name and for her playing and to you for being so approachable and relaxed. Katie’s encore was also a highlight. Must see you guys again sometime.Well done all of you, delightful. Tim Gamblin
Thanks for giving my boys the opportunity to play on Sat night. They had a great time and enjoyed being part of the evening’s concert. Our friends also had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed their evening. Thank you so much for all your work to get it all together. Ange & Kevin, Elliott, & Liam
Attilla it could not have been any better – wonderful concert! Thank you for a lovely evening. Royce and Jenny Smith
A delightful evening of very familiar music in a perfect venue to complete my 67th birthday. I enjoyed your comments and relaxed approach Attilla! Thank you to you all. Margaret Clough
Your concert is great music. Greatly enjoyed. The lead violin has a great sound, so far completely enjoyed the concert. June Muller
Wonderful selection of pieces. Marvel at the technical expertise. Great t have such a group coming to small towns. Thank you for putting Young on your schedule. From: Daphne J Brownlee
Quality is wonderful we enjoyed your concert. Thank you so much for bringing your talents to our area. It is quite new for any community to have live concerts. From: Heather Ruhl
Thank you for bringing this wonderful live music to the country towns. I love the intimacy and personal feelings of this concert. A well chosen program of many favorites. The performance just blew me away hope to attend future concerts. Peter and Merran Cannon
Thank you for bringing quality music to a small country town. It is a pity that it didn’t last longer. My 13 year old daughter enjoyed her first taste of live classical music. Lyn Schiller
Really enjoyed your wonderful contribution to the musical experience in Young. Please come again. Loved the interaction with the audience and the comments on the history of the music, some personal information is always good. The nine hours a day really paid off. Delightful evening, affordable, comfortable, intimate. Attilla was a good taste and excellent entertainment as well as a superb musician. Loved it all! Pauline Parkman
Enjoyable, entertaining music of a wonderful standard, showing the versatility of strings. Nice to hear well-known repertoire played well. Thank you for coming to Young! Stewart Bruce
I just wanted to let you know how important your visit to Tamworth last year was to my daughters and I. They wanted to go to Armidale the following night for your next concert! Your gift of music has created such fond memories for us and encouraged such an appreciation for God honoring music in my children. Thankyou for sharing your testimony and being so bold to speak the beautiful gospel to everyone that was there.We so look forward to hearing you play live again some time Melisa Whetton
BRILLIANT! It was a wonderful experience. A superb soloist and a wonderful orchestra. Thank you! What a collection of great talent! Thank you for quality music, professional, unique, craftsmen-like and harmonious. Alan Hayes
The variations in style kept me enthralled. Favorite was Handel. Bravo! Beautiful Music most enjoyable. Extremely talented musicians. Maureen Knight
Thank you for bringing this wonderful live music to the country towns. I love the intimacy and personal feelings of this concert. A well chosen program of many favorites. The performance just blew me away hope to attend future concerts. Peter and Merran Cannon
What a coincidence hearing 2 brilliant musicians from Tashkent! Behzod Abduraimov at the Sydney Opera House in March and Attilla Sautov in Young in April! We enjoyed the concert very much. Thank you for bringing good music to the people in the country. Audrey and Alan Leishinan
I could have handled more solo violin, it’s more intense heart wrenching process. That’s just me. I could have listened all night as long as there isn’t too much talking. Thank you. Amanda
Brilliant playing, joyous music, great showmanship, delightful 3/5 you talented players. A lot of fun! Great entertainment, amazing versatility. Thank you for a splendid concert. THANK YOU. Priscilla Connor
This was the second concert of yours we have been to in Armidale. We thoroughly enjoyed both and we hope you will continue to perform in Armidale. Thank you and your fellow musicians for bringing such wonderful music to Armidale. Best wishes. Trish Petersen
Wonderful selection of music played with gusto. String Chamber music was more interesting than String Quartet. Great variety, talent and inspirational. A lot of fun and very interesting interpretation of the music. FUN! Gillian Carpenter
Superb playing in most beautiful setting.Please come again soon. Great selection of music! Diane Chistensen
Fantastic playing! I love the sense of humour! Please let me know when you will come to Bundaberg again. Thank you so much! Beeke Smith
A wonderful concert.Very gifted players.Please come again. 2 hours of beautiful music and laughs. Thanks. Elizabeth Peach
Wonderful concert and such a delightful programme. Please, please, please come again! If possible, include the Bruch violin concerto. Keep up the fantastic work. Very much appreciated that you include so many country and small round locations. Oh… and great fun! Carl Peterson
Brilliant! It is an absolute delight to be present at the concert. Come again!!! Leonie Sherwin
Attilla You are very talented! We loved your concert. You and your violin you make it look so easy. And you’ve talked to us (great English). Thanks come back again. (Polish migrants) Elizabeth and Henry Derdowski
Attilla we just wanted to write a thank-you message to you for last night’s fabulous concert. Thank-you for such a great night, the professionalism was unbelievable. It was a great experience for Lili, one which will surely draw from in future performances. All performancers were wonderful and for Lili to be involved with such talented people is a blessing. Thank you again Attilla! We hope Lili will be further inspired to keep up the hard work. Tom & Robyn
I enjoyed the concert very much. Very refreshing to not only have such amazing dedication from musicians – but also humour, and sharing personal message with the audience – very encouraging. Wendy Champion
I attended one of your concerts in Wagga Wagga NSW either last year or the year before, and I had a wonderful time! I was wondering if you we’re planning on coming back some time? I’d love to listen again (and agin . . .) Rosanne Talbot
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! There are no words to describe. I look forward to seeing another performance. (I’ll bring lots of friends). I absolutely loved the Mendelssohn. It’s one of my favourite pieces of music. Very entertaining and full of energy, I have never seen a better concert. Thank you!!!!….!! Jara Stinson
Thank you so much. The brilliance could not be outshone. Such fun and beautiful performances. I can’t imagine more enjoyment is possible. Please do come back to Armidale again and again. Norman Dare
You are genius performer! You must be Professor of violin in Brisbane Conservatorium of Music! Oleg & Ira Smirnov
You are AMAZING!!! Inspiring to my daughters and all of us! I really enjoyed this performance and personality and i can’t wait until the group comes back to Armidale to perform!!! I loved your performance. When i get home I’m going to practice my cello to be just like you! (Jessica H age 12.) (Sarah H age 10.) Ali Hughes, Jessica and Sarah.
Fantastic concert. Judy Quinn
First time I have been and I thoroughly enjoyed it all – lovely way to spend an afternoon. Helen Krieebone
This was the most enjoyable concert I have experienced in years! John Smith
Mesmerising music by both Attilla and Peter. Also enjoyed the playful interchanges between them and the heart and soul in their music. Diane Davis
Mozart: Beautiful and refined, pleasing – very refreshing! Vivaldi: What a pace! A great challenge for your young orchestra to keep up. You communicated the energy and drive so well. Delightful! Mendelssohn: Wonderful to hear a lesser known concerto rather than the e minor. Such virtuosity. A joy to hear. Beautiful tone (solo violin). Paganini: Superb! Thank you! Great to hear Brahms Hungarian Dance. Overall an absolute treat by a world class violinist. A good variety in programme choices. Marvellous! What a gift you have! Thank you. Wendy Penny
Fantastic talent. Entertaining, beautiful, refreshing. Barry Cheales
Wonderful quality. We need more of this on the coast. Mary Vietzer
We felt very privileged to be present at such a magnificent concert. Fantastic concert. Monique Chavveau
Fantastic selection of music. What a wonderful surprise to hear this wonderful music in Beaudesert!! I’m visiting from Adelaide and feel privileged and delighted to have been here at this time. I’m always embarrassed that I don’t know when to clap – but here I appreciate the friendly and informal atmosphere you created and to not have my ever – enthusiasm frowned on! We both loved the performance – your skills astound me! Lynn and Phil Crooks
Just beautiful – such a privilege. I believe that the programme was accessible to everyone – whether or not they had much experience of learning Classical music. Bravo!!! Catherine Thompson
As a keen pianist/organist I thoroughly enjoyed the combination today. Attilla’s choices of pieces were well known to me and most enjoyable. D and L Procter
Enjoyed the concert very much. Thank you for doing this for the needy orphanages in Kenya. Mrs Elaine Fairweather
We like Attilla’s relaxed, easy style, and we were transported. The orchestra seemed to be enjoying themselves as well! Bruce and Gillian Willes
Wonderful, inspirational. Excellent – (hugely inspiring for string playing and faith). Kurt Baudistel, Beth Bluett de Baudistel
Thank you – absolutely superb! A pleasure to experience the talent! Sharon Fergus
How blessed I have been to have an evening’s entertainment like you all gave tonight. All emotions were stirred by your music and also to see such young talented people in our midst. Jamie Seymour
Superb! More please!! So few string orchestras visit Ipswich and what a shame we miss out. Please more concerts more often. Great venue too. Thank you! Monica Kurth
Absolutely wonderful. Very uplifting and I enjoyed the short stories about the composers. I hope to come to more. Joss
Excellent concert. Janette McSweeney
A wonderful evening. Something for every mood and humour too, thank you so much. Frances Cottrell and Jan Lloyd
The venue was most suitable and helped the music to sound its best. Attilla’s violin had a really beautiful sweet sound. I was impressed with the violin playing – sympathetic and supportive. A thoroughly enjoyable concert – well constructed mix of known and unknown works – for me. I enjoyed the sureness and attack of the double bass – very supportive. The Albinoni was exceptionally beautiful. Ruth Gabriel
Superb evening’s entertainment – as usual! Attilla’s introductions to the music are very good and witty! Come again soon. Vicki Watson
Fantastic performance! Very enjoyable! Katya, Troy, Alexander Pegg
I thought your music was very inspirational. Patricia Poole
Brilliant! – a great loving atmosphere among the group! Bruce Smith
More please! Encore. The most exciting “Summer” of Vivaldi I’ve ever heard! Very talented young performers. They enjoyed themselves too – good to see. Mrs Susan Duteh
Thank you all for bringing to us a brilliant world class performance. We feel privileged. A wonderful part of the world we live in but it is a “culture desert.” Good luck in you travels. Please come again.
Please come back soon. 10/10. Richard
Excellent musicians, excellent variety in program. Attilla has a very warm approach to audience and a good sense of humour. Sonia Kaleb
Loved the gypsy music (Monti). Also the Albinoni, Mendelssohn and Bach. A splendid evening of music. Most enjoyable. Jeff and Michelina Currie
Wonderful concert – great programme with lots of variety. We look forward to hearing you again soon! Tricia
Enjoying the music so much. We are deprived of a lot of it in Busselton. Last time I went to see Chamber music of any note was in 2006 in Vienna, Austria. Very talented players!! Bravo!! Julie Williams
I closed my eyes and drifted. My first taste of Chamber Music in 20 years. Let’s do it again soon. You play I’ll pay. Jan Howe
Thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Great talents! Lovely sense of humour. Splendid evening! Thank you. Carina Hoang
Beautiful music. Most enjoyable. Carol Boyle
I really enjoyed your rendition of Handel’s Largo and Albinoni Adagio. Loved the explanations of the music and composers. Arthur Goad
We loved the liveliness and the heart in your playing. It was great fun. Please come again to Busselton. Lesley and John Watt
Music is meant to be fun and this was!!! John Slee
Absolutely delightful! A real treat for us in the country to have such quality entertainment! Thank you so much!!! Stephanie Hammersley
It has been a wonderful, marvellous night. This wasn’t just beautiful music, this was entertaining and spirited – thank you. Sue Halls
We loved the choice of music, and your great skills. Your telling of a story for each piece is very enjoyable – it adds to the music. We are proud to know that Australia has such talented women to accompany you. It is great to see you all enjoying playing the music so much. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Jennine Frost
Exceptional! I would love to see and hear Attilla more often here on the Sunshine Coast! Monika Tiesenhausen
I just loved it. Thank you so very much. I have come from Melbourne to live on the Sunshine Coast and have missed the culture of Melbourne. Kate
So sad there is o programme for me to indentify the various pieces BUT what an inspiring performance! Your young people are amazing and a credit to your school of music in the absence of the soprano, the violin, clarinet and keyboard was EXQUISITE – brought treats to the eye. Sue Johnston
Superb concert. All members of orchestra were excellent. Attilla amazing. Hope we have many more concerts in Buderim. Stella Hinds
Chamber orchestra – is like an ensemble and intimate association between musicians and audience. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere whether tonight or in the Salzburg Fortress or even in Vienna! Wonderful exposure for the young genius’ who get a sense of rapport with music lovers. Magnifique! Fiona Nebauer
Loved every minute. Let us know when you’re coming again, we’ll be coming back. All the best with the orphanage work! Carole and Uwe
Lovely concert. Thank you very much. Please come again. Kris Guse
Thoroughly enjoyed the variety of musicians and pieces. Graeme Scott
Once again a truly wonderful concert. Thank you so much come back soon. Mazzn Gilmour
Our second concert – absolutely excellent. Attilla’s personality shines through Barbara Holloway Scott
Absolutely wonderful not only the music but the cause. Please, come back again. We want to help the children of Bolivia. Noelle McLeod
Wonderful concert. Please come back! Susan Stawbury
Very entertaining – love the comedy! Fantastic seeing the young ones play so beautifully too. Caroline
Wonderful, wonderful! More please. Emma Freeman
An unexpected delight. Geoff
This is brilliant, uplifting and inspirational. Debbie Deloraine
Absolutely brilliant. Top shelf. Trevor Sperling
Hi Attilla – great concert. Thanks! Loved your chat about Moses and the parting of the sea – very true indeed. God bless. Jon O’Brien
Thank you for a wonderful concert. I look forward to your return in February. Lucy W
What can I say other than beautiful, close your eyes and off you go. Great sound of course wonderful to watch too. Thanks for the experience. Sandra Elliott
Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us here in Ballina. Best wishes in your future projects! Maree Domas
Lovely intimate evening with a lot of variety, lively playing. Karen Anstis
So wonderful to hear you again Attilla! So uplifting and transporting. I so wished the piano was other than it was – and it was grand anyway. I will be working for your birthday concert but wish you a blessed time and expansive joyous year ahead. Thank you. Emily Joy
A very clever and talented group. Attilla is a virtuoso and quite amazing. How wonderful to have such a joy of music. Gabielle Racolco
Absolutely fabulous!! Attilla – you are the greatest violinist I have ever seen. You inspire me to play more (I am a second violinist in the Noosa Orchestra). I will come to your next concert. Michelle Freeman
Thank you very much – very lovely music, such enthusiastic, inspirational, and the best music. Love and best wishes. Thank you heaps. George and Elizabeth
Excellent concert – good choice of music. A solo from the pianist would be good? Come again! Enjoyed every one of the pieces, especially the Beethoven. Mandy Beautiful, most amazing performance. Thanks Attilla.
A great collection of popular classical pieces, played on a great instrument very well. Keep up with the personal approach to the audience. Cannot suggest any improvement as all selections were great and played well. Thanks also for an accomplished pianist. Great value. Tony George
Wonderful concert. Absolutely beautiful playing both piano and violin. Keith
It was very entertaining Attilla. Your students were lovely to watch/listen to and obviously enjoy learning from you and performing. It was great to hear a little about the composers and background about the music. God bless you Linda Castle
Excellent, inspiring, wonderful, nice to see the children playing so well. Entertaining and funny and involving us like we were all in a lounge room. M and L
Piece by Bach was beautiful. Hungarian Dance such fun. You are so entertaining as well as being a spectacular violinist! We loved it. Come again please. Linda Young
Divinely delightful!! The entire concert was heaven on earth!! Attilla is God’s grace in motion. THANK YOU Penelope Donnan
Really enjoyable concert. Loved your playing – very exciting and good fun. Glad I came. You are a great teacher too!! Pam Handley
Loved the concert! Very talented performers. You teach your students well.
Beautiful programme. Loved the “Gypsy” feel of that gorgeous violin. Nancy Williams
Bravo. Moving funny, delightful, crazy, happy, inspiring. Thank you. Skinny violinist ☺ Anne John
I was very impressed with the perfect performance, and the good young violinists. Congratulations. Regina Gould
Awesome !!!!! Brydi Handley
Glad to have attended the beautiful afternoon’s musical feast! Lovely to see the young ones helped along by the old hands. Alan
Such a feast of great music – a small orchestra with the sound of a big orchestra. The young people were excellent, with no scratchy notes. If I had more notice I would have encouraged all my friends to come. Bob Philpot
Brilliant. Loved every minute. Ray and Karin Ellemor
Fantastic – huge energy, humour and great skill – wonderful! Amazing students! Bill
My friends and I enjoyed your recital immensely – the fantastic virtuosity of Attilla and supporting musicians was breathtaking – we would love to see you on the Sunshine Coast more often as us lovers of the “Classics” feel deprived of seeing live concerts such as this – which are priced at an acceptable amount…. Shirley P. Johnson & Joan Petrie
Very entertaining. Great calibre of violinists. Great to encourage the youth. Kept the audience captivated by great choice of music. Funny! Very important! Thank you! Tess Martin – Wallace
An excellent concert. Loved every moment. The young violinists – Lili, Caitlin and Jade all played exceptionally well, particularly Jade. Well done. Genevieve Essa
Brilliant concert. Graeme Souster
VERY –VERY GOOD! Tony and Rose Widmer
Bravo! My first concert and I was enthralled – totally captivated me from start to finish. An interesting variety in programme. Come to Melbourne – Please! Gwen Leggett
Wonderful performance. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much. Susan Stanbury
A wonderful programme. Wonderfully delivered – by Attilla ensemble. We enjoyed the younger violinists very much and the musicians – they all embraced their virtuosity!! Geoff Stokes
Excellent selection for programme – some favourite composers and their most notable and short works. Mrs Hinschen
12 out of 10! Friendly. So good I wept with happiness. Colleen South
Super, super, super! Izabelle Frenkiel
Spectacular performances. Very much enjoyed the operatic singers and the violin duets. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Philip Irwin
It was a wonderful and beautiful performance. I enjoyed the concert greatly! Lily Peacock
Totally brilliant. I am in awe of your performing techniques. Wonderful young violinist – Jade. An exhilarating experience. Please have this performance recorded on DVD. Helen de Zubicaray
Most entertaining morning with beautiful music. Attilla was a most wonderful performer, witty, lively and undoubtedly a most accomplished violinist. The whole concert including all the orchestra and the singers was worthy of a sell out if we had to pay. Maureen Cheesman
The concert on the 28th of May “Attilla’s Musical Birthday Gift” was quite beautiful. It is so good that we age pensioners can hear such lovely music without costing us a cent. Concerts are generally too expensive. I was also impressed that Attilla showcased his pupil. All the best for future great success. Thank you. Barbara Falloon
Attilla’s concert was absolutely magnificent in every way. His concert provides the best of living in Brisbane area. We all found the music to be so beautiful my husband was brought to tears. Thank you, thank you for appreciating the arts in Brisbane. Andrew and Sandra Peter
Hope you will come back here soon. My friends and I have very much enjoyed your brilliant playing of violin, and also your pianist.
Simply superb!!! God bless! Pauline de Leperuanche
Lovely music thank you, great program. Sunday afternoon is a good time for a concert. Suzanne Morton
Thoroughly enjoyable, a breath of fresh air. Excellent performance. Thank you. Please come again. Lesley Sargent
Thank you so much Attilla and Mark. Beautiful! I have always been besotted by Jozsef Lendvay but your rendition of Czardas was superior. Bravo! Thanks for your testimony too. I wanted to say to you that, because the heart of God is obviously on you and you are so gifted, your greatest challenge may surprise you as it is likely to come from God. To whom much is giving, much will be expected. Abby
Beautiful, very enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring. Clever musicians. Would love to see more concerts. Janet Goanan
Beautiful music. Superbly presented. Many thanks. M. Holley
“Brilliant” and “intensely moving” don’t seem strong enough words to describe Attilla’s playing in this concert. The concert was wonderful. Once again I travelled around 140K in a return trip for this concert – I’d attended last year’s Ballina concert on 20 April now have the DVD and CD (Tchaikovsky etc) I’d love to purchase more! Mrs Vivienne Sigley
I was very impressed by the standard of musicianship and the range of your program. I would very much like you to include Warwick in you places for future tours. John Cosgrove
Very entertaining concert. Amazing playing. Fantastic variety. Let’s have them here again. Jenny Morris
Amazing! Please come again! Anthony
Greatly enjoyed the concert so much. Please come again.
Beautiful music. Please come again. Soon. B. Spence
Wonderful, most enjoyable. Thank you! Please come to Warwick again. Jill Smith
Fantastic! Most definitely come again! Jessica Hill
Wonderful!!! Really enjoyed the humour and anecdotes. Please come again!! Ann Hill
Great program. Wonderful playing. Come again. Marcus Barlow
What a beautiful evening! We enjoyed your performance immensely! Please come again! Warren and Judy Emms
Really good, please come again. Katelyn Hill
Loved this concert so much. Your joy and humour and talent made it absolutely delightful. I am returning home with a full and happy heart. Please, please come again. Krista Bjorn
Please do come again and again! Thank you – fantastic. Sue and Jan Nalder
Thank you so much for travelling all this way. It was wonderful. Colin and Merrilyn Robberts
Beautiful music and very entertaining evening. Please come again. Robyn Elliott
Thank you for bringing classical music to Warwick. Please come back.
Fantastic. Please, please come again. One of the most enjoyable concerts we have attended. Thank you so much. Ellen and Mrs Woods
I so enjoyed your music. Please come to Warwick again. Mary Murphy
Enjoyed the night come again! John
Wonderful, thank you for coming to Warwick! Janet S.
Such fun. Music should be enjoyed like this. Terrific ensemble playing. Lovely program. Please come again. Clare
Fantastic concert! Great music and great musicians. The most entertaining “classical” concert I have ever been to. Keep up the good work. Keep having “fun” with the quartet and each other. Well done and come back please! Greg March
Lots of fun and great music. Very enjoyable evening, all the musicians looked as though they were really enjoying themselves. Jill
Wonderful, wonderful concert. Thank you! Loved Daniels smile and intensity! The passion, beauty what can I say? THANK YOU!!!! Heather Hibitt
That was terrific! Thank you so much for bringing such talent to us in Warwick. Extremely entertaining, but yet so skilful at the same time! Barbara George
Please come again. Brilliant. Fabulous. What more can one say? Attilla is a marvellous soloist. Mike Spiller
Most enjoyable. Please come again. Loved your humour. Young musicians were excellent. Beth
A fabulous evening. Great players, thank you all for coming. You’d like to come again. We hope you will come again. We’ll fix for certain! Liz Heads
Beautiful music. Please come to Warwick again. Mrs.Stocks
Fantastic! The concert was well presented. My students really enjoyed the musical variety and the humour! I was impressed with your openness and interest in my students. What an amazing opportunity you gave them to play with you and learn from you THANK YOU! Amanda Hughes
A wonderful afternoon of exceptional music. Y. Bagendl
Excellent concert. Thank you. More please! Kim Alexander
One of the most moving and entertaining performances I have been to recently. The skill of the musicians were beautifully complimented by the showmanship. More concerts at Mt Mee would be welcomed. John Pitman
First time at classical concert. Enjoyed it immensely, look forward to future concerts, will welcome any information. Colleen Bower
A beautiful concert – so polished! I really enjoyed it – what a bargain for such lovely music! Just fabulous!! Barbara Moloney
Programme – very good. Choice will appeal to all ages. Soloists well chosen – enthusiastic performances – Four Seasons – a very lively performance. The small hall created an intimate mood. Enjoyed the encores. More please. Tony and Villma Wilson
Thank you all for exquisite playing and the great joy you all have in playing. I especially loved the Bach and it seemed as if God was reaching down to his poor people (the groaning of the cellos) then bringing them gradually into the fold where all gradually came together in beautiful, sensitive harmony – one could also feel like God was joyful in His gift of music. Thank you all. Thank you for coming to our country town. Susanna Dunne
Beautiful music, energy. Lena Stillman
It was brilliant. I wish I was playing. Marianthi Karadovkas
Absolutely amazing! Worth coming from Brisbane for. My 2 year old (string classical music obsessed son) loved it – it was his first concert. Karen McAlpine
First class, very much enjoyed todays concert, please come again. Outstanding!!! Thank you. B. Gloudemaws
Good range of music (good variety). I really liked Mozart and Bach. Good information in concert program. Good to see great musicians coming to Beaudesert. Matthew Dunne
Marvellous! Exceptional! Amazing! Glorious! Great variety of composers. Fantastic technique! Cassandra D’Arcy
Loved it! Particularly the Monti – the violin suits Gypsy music perfectly. Wonderful intimate concert. A real virtuoso. Inspiring. Barbara Bright
As a fairly recent convert to this type of music I can only think of one word to describe the concert – mesmerising. Thank you for sharing your obvious passion for your music, not to mention your talent. I would like to purchase one of your classical CDs which I believe are sold out – so if you could let me know if you have any more done that would be appreciated. Cheryl Woodward
Wonderful. Especially Paganini. Thank you again for soul-rising music – as always. Renate Koehn
Your playing made me know how to appreciate what violin is all about – the piano music and playing made me feel very special to have been here to hear it all. Just loved it. June Chute
Thank you for a wonderful concert. We really appreciated the time and effort taken to play for us in Denmark. Very seldom do we have such a fantastic international standard playing. We welcome you back at any time. Mrs Mary Boaden
My wife and I and our friends who attended, really enjoyed the concert. Thank you for coming to Denmark. J and M King
Excellent. Please come back at least once a year. Very enjoyable. Les and Lindy Alacs
Please add Kalamunda to your next WA tour. We have a good performing arts studio and a keen audience! Linda Jones
A fantastic concert and so gratifying to think the concert comes to small country towns, which are devoid of events such as this. Keep coming back! Lesley Puglisi
The opportunity to waltz and maybe tango – unfortunately my partner didn’t attend otherwise I’d loved to have danced. Please don’t come June – when I’m not here. Renetta Lodge
Thank you, oh thank you for bringing us such beautiful music. Thank you for bringing me a special extra message. Please come to Denmark again. Adele
First rate performance from all players. Wonderful selection of all-time favourites. Please come again! Kevin and Margaret Baker
Superb – so glad you came to Denmark – hope you come again and again – overwhelming – top class – thank you so much. M and G Evans
What a great concert!! So much talent and such gorgeous choice of music! Thank you. Robyn Polt
Great performance – lovely man. Good to hear all the background information to each piece. Excellent. Mary Lou Small
Wonderful! No suggestions – you were a delight to listen to and thanks for coming. Loved the informality. Paula Deegan
Thank you for your gift of music and sharing it with the world. Also your support of others in need. What a wonderful way to help others. Please come back. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it all and your sense of humour as well. God bless you! Sophia Sharpe
Thank you for inspiring my family and me. I dragged my partner to the concert and he loved it! If you ever need a pianist to accompany you, let me know. Love and thanks from Estonia….. (Russian?)! Kristiina, Fabio and future pianist Marco. Kristiina Viirmann
It is so wonderful that people like yourselves take the time and trouble to visit small towns. Like ours to bring us such superb music. Flora and Tom Blackwood
Beautiful, intermit. Lovely to have talking about each piece and audience participation. Great to come to small towns, can you play something for children? Please come any time of the year. Good to have little stories. Nice to be close to the musicians so I can see finger work. So uplifting to have “live music.” Theresa Beecroft
Great concert. Very inspiring to hear such beautiful sounds and an excellent selection of songs. Mary Lou Small
One or more musicians could come and stay longer in the community delivering inspiration to the hungry talent that lives here. An awesome experience. Thank you. Jo Smith
Thank you for coming to Albany. I really enjoyed your concert and it was so good to see the young people performing to such a high standard. Please come to Albany again and contact me or my friend – we are both with Albany Community Radio and will be able to promote your concert for a couple of weeks before hand via Community Service Announcements and hopefully will increase awareness in the community of your forth coming visit. Elizabeth (Liz) Vincent & June Humphries
The music has been superbly played. I loved watching the finger work and especially watching and listening to Attilla. Wonderful concert. Mrs Helen Kitching
Great MC! Got everybody talking!! Good choice of music played by top rate musicians. Music very moving and brought back fond memories of my late father’s CD repertoire. “Love the hat.” Fantastic. Please come again. Heather Thomas and Zenia Lees
Fabulous concert. Thank you. Helen Barnard
Thank you Attilla and your wonderful orchestra. Your music really is a gift to the soul. Thank you again for an uplifting and beautiful concert. Annette Beasley
Most engaging and interactive concert we’ve ever been to. Keep up the great work! Thanks for a wonderful night. Jason Boudville
Thank you very much for the wonderful concert. I greatly enjoyed your spectacular range of repertoire and your skill was amazing. Thank you again for letting me play your awesome violin. It was a really awesome program-and great song choice. Thank you so much – we will come again! Winston ‘t Hart
Thoroughly enjoyed the concerts varied program, beautifully performed. Very entertaining soloist. Rosalind Sawyer
This was simply the BEST violin playing I have EVER HEARD. Thank you for coming to Albany and please come back. Alistair Bruce
Such a magnificent talent when played so. It moves the soul to a higher plane, the old music writers would have approved. Judith Jansz- Battersley and Keith Battersley
I was really delighted with your recent concert! Very professional and will always be remembered. Barbara Williams
Thank you so much. It was wonderful. Please come again. I loved your modifications of Czardas. Also fun seeing the interaction between the musicians. Beth Kenrick
Wonderful performance! Thank you Attilla and co-artist for your warmth, generosity and talent. Dagmar Duncan
I have been waiting weeks for this concert which has met all my expectations. Wonderful evening. Thank you so much. Please come again. Carolyn Noonan
A magic evening. Enjoyed every minute. Kay Terrey
Thank you for an exquisite evening. Brian
Just wonderful. Please come again. Lenore Philip
Fantastic, wonderful and beautiful!. Noel Drinkwater
Very exquisite playing. Thank you. Enjoyed your speaking to us between items. Beautiful Largo. Loved the whole program tonight. Margaretta Slingsby
Come back to Ballina. A wonderful evening. A. Molinari
Wonderful! Keep up the good work with more visits. Well balanced ensemble. Musically expressive with lovely colour and dynamical contrast. Feeling within the ensemble excellent. Thoroughly engaging. Beverley Peart
A wonderful concert. Thank you! Amica Sanday
Thank you so much for coming to Ballina. To make such beautiful music accessible and fun is indeed a miracle. I loved giving my daughters the opportunity to enjoy it. Julieanne Bigg
Fantastic. Really enjoyed your concert. Especially the encores, solo etc. Julia Masten
God bless you and I pray that the Holy Spirit guides you in all that you do! Victor Golle
Truly outstanding performance. Also so much fun. The unending – ongoing encores. Fred Hynes
What a wonderful evening. Great experience. Thank you so much. Tiko
Absolutely wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing you again. Jennie
Just stunning. We could hear the love shining through. Eric Van Beurden
A brilliant performance!!! Please come again next year. Thoroughly enjoyable! Miriam Khan
Beautiful music and wonderfully played. Superb intonation and style and played with musical energy. Thank you! I play viola in the Armidale symphony – I envy your technique! Chris Cunningham
Very enjoyable. Will be in Brisbane late in this month of October or early November. I’m learning to play the violin, early stages. I’m 78 years of age. I would dearly love to see you Attilla. I need advice for holding the violin and using the bow correctly please and general playing. Dorothy Geersoen
Very rare opportunity to see a “virtuoso” performing right up close and to hear beautiful music. Tanya Perry
Magnificent performance. Very entertaining. Gino Mastaglia
Thanks for coming. Wonderful instrumentalists. You almost made the violin talk Attilla.
A marvellously witty and funny performance. Thank you very much for coming to Mandurah, we enjoyed ourselves very much. John and Amanda Rowbottom
Excellent concert. Thank you. More please! Kim Alexander
A beautiful concert – so polished! I really enjoyed it – what a bargain for such lovely music! Just fabulous! Barbara Moloney
Beautiful music, energy, children. Very enjoyable. Lena Stillman
It was brilliant. I wish I was playing. That pianist was very good. I play piano but not that good yet. Marianthi Karadoukas
Absolutely amazing! Worth coming from Brisbane for. My 3 year old (string classical music obsessed) son loved it – it was his first concert. Karen McAlpine
First class, very much enjoyed today’s concert, please come again. Outstanding!!! Thank you. B.Gloudemaws
The concert in St Peter’s Church March 20 was very enjoyable. Players put in a wonderful effort, proving themselves to be talented generous performers. Jeannette Schmidt
Your chamber orchestra is exquisite Marina Taylor
Good range of music (good variety). Really liked Mozart and Bach. Good information in concert programme. Good to see great musicians coming to Beaudesert. Matthew Dunne
One of the most moving and entertaining performances I have been to recently. The skill of the musicians was beautifully complimented by the showmanship of the soloist. More concerts at Mt Mee would be welcomed. John Pitman
Delightful – warm, skilful and with lots of humour – all in a beautiful setting. Please come to Ipswich again! Leonie McEniery
Thank you for a wonderful concert. Best one we’ve been to for a long time. Loved the witty dialogue too! Please come back to Buderim soon. Brilliant. Beautiful music AND fun. Come to Buderim again. Phillip and Lucy Watson
I feel privileged to have been able to be a part of the audience. The most wonderful concert I’ve ever been to in Beaudesert!! The program is a delightful choice of music – it has already moved me to tears and you haven’t played the Bach yet (or the Albinoni) Ruth Doyle
Attilla as lead violinist – fantastic!! 1st Double Bass here. Beautiful music – all played brilliantly. Very skilful. Preferred second half to the first half of the concert – prefer those composers. The most enjoyable classical concert I have ever have ever been to – bravo!! Jo Jennings
Enchanting. Such a personal performance with quality acoustics. The music took me to the paddocks of the farm filled with dandelions. I was running like when I was a child. Words came to me during this illuminating experience. Descriptive ones, wondrous, floorless, meditative, sombre, dramatic, glorious, joyous, cheerful and playful. A very pleasant muse all together with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon “cheers and applause with a standing ovation! Well done!” Lorrie Noakes
Please come back to Margaret River. Attilla – you and your musicians created magic. Beth Hirschmann
Truly heavenly music played by wonderful young musicians. Please all come again. The standard is so much better than another European chamber orchestra that visits. Chloe Lovelidge (oboist)
Absolutely wonderful! Kara O’Donnell
Loved the concert – talent as well as warmth. Great to know the proceeds are going to the orphanage. Rosemary Allen
Wonderful music expertly rendered lovely. John Charlton
Thank you. Having live music is great. This is music I do not keep on CD. Music appreciation is active. Helen
Great concert! Thanks so much!! Kathy, Stephan and Jonathon
The show was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed every minute. Your playing was so inspirational and I hope to see you perform again in the future. An idea for next time would be a workshop before the performance, to show techniques and tell stories about your musical life, for young performers to get involved. Emma Herbert
Marvellous! Exceptional! Amazing! Glorious! Great variety of composers. Fantastic technique! Cassandra D’Arcy
Loved it! Particularly the Monti – the violin suits Gypsy music perfectly. Inspiring. Barbara Bright
As a fairly recent convert to this type of music I can only think of one word to describe the concert – mesmerising. Thank you for sharing your obvious passion for your music, not to mention your talent. I would like to purchase one of your classical CDs which I believe are sold out – so if you could let me know if you have any more done that would be appreciated. Cheryl Woodward
Wonderful. Especially Paganini. Thank you again for soul-rising music – as always. Renate Koehn
All concerts should be like this one. Paul Thomas
Very enjoyable. B.G. Richardson
Excellent. Please come back soon. Janna Quarantotto
Great, wonderful. Please come back. Lia Saint-Smith
Wonderful afternoon listening to such talent – absolutely brilliant. Betty Jennings
Excellent. I enjoyed the whole concert. It is a delightful experience being so close to the instruments. Thank you. Marie Oxlade
A varied programme played enthusiastically and with great aplomb and dexterity. You demonstrated that music can be fun too! Thank you. Nola Bramble
Happy enjoyable afternoon. Played with enjoyment and love of music. Bruce Best
Very enjoyable – great music. Well done. May Nash
A really top class performance with outstanding violin soloist and very sensitive cellist! A great afternoon – thank you. Peter Kolbe
Great concert. Lovely venue. Please have Maria again. Tamara Crespo
Dear Attilla, it’s a great moment in my lift to be present on this violin concert. Thank you. Paul Cherhishou
I just love it. Anna
It was so nice. Good that 12 and under are free. Joachim
Enjoyed concert very much. If booking for venue in future St Jules Uniting Church would be interested in an afternoon or evening performance. I’ve put on 4-5 concerts a year. Contact myself below for more information. Stephen White
Really beautiful form the beginning to the end (near the start of the first Vivaldi piece and the Fiddler on the Roof. Graham Forrester
Very good concert. I haven’t been to a classical music concert before so it was a good experience. Ms Basilio
Yay! Go Dom! A very impressive concert. Kylie Saul
Fantastic. Great acoustics. Excellent concert – thank you. It was great having such fun in formal setting. Kym Sticpewich
A wonderful afternoon! Thank you so much, and congratulations to you all. Jan Barlow (sister)
I thoroughly enjoyed the concert which provided an excellent mix of styles and genres. My daughters of thirteen and nine are learning the double bass and violin and this was an excellent and accessible introduction to chamber music. Graham Reid
I think it was very nice to listen to. I think you all played well together. I also thought that how you kept in time together was great. I loved your song choices; it worked well with the setting you’re in. Gracie Reid (aged 9 years)
I thought the whole concert was very entertaining and everyone is extremely talented. I thought you had a lot of different styles of music within your concert, which made it a lot more exciting! Katie Reid (aged 13 and 9 months)
Exceptionally talented musicians. A beautiful venue. Mrs. Cretikos
Vivaldi – very exciting and dramatic. Female vocalist and orchestra – beautiful. Cello concerto – bold and beautiful – Haydn came alive for me. Violin and viola – fun! Dick and Vivienne Morrow
Very brilliant. Thank you very much. Larisa
The rest of the world doesn’t know what they missed out on this afternoon! Don and Margaret Mudford
Great programme. I look forward to the next concert. Emmanuelle Fonsny
A fantastic night of quality music and musicians. A real pleasure for us all. Mark and Anne Ward
Thoroughly enjoyed the concert! Would like to hear you again. Like Albinoni Adagio, 4 Seasons, Tchaikovsky. Also liked the Bach. Come to Kiama next time. Tome Anderson
Fantastic! Absolutely wonderful. Excellent harmony! Thank you for coming. Great powerful faith – refreshing to hear. Please come to Kiama. God bless you! Jennifer and Frank Organo
Excellent work and very appreciated. Hope to hear and see you again. Elaine Davis
A most memorable night in Nowra! Wonderful music, great entertainment. Please come back. Sue Gerrard
Thank you so much for a brilliant performance from all musicians – truly wonderful – we enjoyed it so much. And thank you for explaining the meaning behind various pieces. Michele and Mike Browne
Heaven on earth. Yvonne Everingham
Excellent – thank you so much for a wonderful evening – please come again. Ivan and Ruth Goozeff
I feel privileged that Attilla chose to come to our town – such talent! Great program played by a talented group. Wendy Lindsay
Marvellous Joanne Irvine
Wonderful!!! Bob Gane
Thank you for your great playing, love of music and humour. Greig Nichols
A wonderful concert of the “classics.” I think it is about time we were educated about other music around the world as there is so much music “out there” we have never heard. I am sure the melodies and rhythms of your own concertos must be amazing and I would love to hear them. Thank you so much and have a good sleep – you look tired! I am only passing through this area!! Ali Cummins
Friendly, intimate. Magical experience! Nicole Ballinger
A real treat, especially the second half. Impressed by your virtuosity and friendliness. Pam Tullock
Marvellous. Come back often please. Helen and John Spicer
Just loved it all. Lyn Walsh
Wonderful Concert. Loved It Janice Frost
Thank you for coming to Nambucca. Always a great concert. Please come back again. Very entertaining. Tony Lewis
Most enjoyable and fun !! Thank you Mary Louise Queree
Absolutely Fabulous! Beautiful & skilful violin playing, a good range of repertoire and an excellent accompaniast on piano. Annabella Bray
An outstanding performance! We love the Bach too. Thank you for coming to Nambucca Fran Bond
Transporting Experience! Attilla delivers the music of the spheres, straight to one’s heart – All presented with such humanity and humour. Wonderful! Thank you! Georgette Allen
Wonderful concert. Sweet violin. Beautiful piano – Nambucca is fortunate. Julie Osborne
I found it was excellent and very enjoyable. Mary McKellen
Wonderful !!!!!! Jana Darville
Absolutely beautiful as always! Thank you Attilla & Belle. It was worth the 100km return trip! Would love to see you in BANGALOW I will email you. Gillian Roseby
Thank you again for the wonderful concert. It was as always so outstanding and quite private.Thank you again. L. Novy
Many thanks for a relaxing, afternoon. Your accompanist also plays beautifully + really knows how to accompany & back up the violin. Ruth Cooper
Words cannot describe your skills. “Talking” violin! Nancy Tigwell
I’ve enjoyed the first half of the program, enjoyed the showmanship I could hear. Equally enjoyable. Bravo. Loved the Goblins.The Gluck was beautiful Thank you and God be with you Judith Paul
Absolutely marvellous concert! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & would love to attend another concert with Attilla playing. And we will spread the word. Rita Langler
A wonderful concert demonstrating amazing versatility. Beautifully accompanied by the pianist, it was a privilege to attend. Sue McKinnen
Wonderful Concert! Very inspiring… Loved it. Jess Frank
Most enjoyable, good repertoire. Patricia Degens
Thank you, we enjoyed your showmanship and skill. It was a good inspiration for our children. Julia and Jonathan
Delightful. Please come back! June Robertson